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What do we know about physical activity? Knowledge from one week seminar

11 minute read


What do we know actually about physical activity? The past week, I attended a seminar in Kirstiansand that addressed exactly this question: What do we evidently know about physical activity? I guess everyone has a concept of it, but does this actually align with what the experts in the field are saying? Read more

Digital health on your desktop

1 minute read


Life as a developer is not always easy. Admittedly, as a programmer your less likely to suffer consequences of hard daily work, but other problems such as asthenopia can arise. Asthenopia or eye-strain summarizes a variety of symptoms like fatigue, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, headache, and occasional double vision. But starring at a computer screen for hours can also lead to insomnia as the emitted light let the brain think it is still early and not time to go to sleep yet. Luckily, several developers spotted these problems and created solutions for it. Two of these solutions, I have integrated into my setup and would like to introduce them to you. Read more

Pipelining my jekyll website

5 minute read


As you have probably already have seen, I am using the static website generator jekyll to manage and generate my website. Jekyll is a pretty handy tool create websites even though I have to confess that particularly in the beginning I had some problems with getting started and get to know the mechanisms behind it. But even after gaining some knowledge on what is going on, Jekyll itself lacks some important mechanisms of maintenance. Read more

Updating my blog design

1 minute read


After three years, I finally updated the design of my blog. When I wrote the Minimalist jekyll theme in 2017, I was interested in all the functionality static website generators provide and was obviously curious to try it out myself. Now, three years later, Minimalist is my most starred and forked repository on Github, but nevertheless I decided its time for something new. Read more

Tweaking your R console

3 minute read


Tweaking your system is in my opinion one of the key features of Linux. Linux offers so many features to play around with to never get bored. Lately, I discovered that there is also the possibility to tweak your R console. As I was using R heavily during my Bachelor Thesis and still use it quiet commonly, I want to present some in my opinion very useful tweaks in this post. Read more

My blog goes online!

1 minute read


Finally, my own blog goes online after spending lots of time on developing the design. Besides this blog I am happy to contribute to the open source movement with my first jekyll theme Minimalist. Although it may still have some bugs I am happy that it is now insofar finished as it can now be used as a full functional personal blog. Read more