About me

My name is Marc Weitz and I am currently doing my PhD in Computer Science and Public Health at the university of Tromsø. Before that I studied Cognitive Science at the university of Tübingen with focus on language processing, neuronal information processing, mutlimodal integration, statistical modelling and machine learning. I am a big fan of open software and open science so I try to make most of the things I do publicly available. For more information on projects I worked on or on which I am currently working, have a look at my projects page.

Besides my studies, I worked as a research assistant at the Quantitative Linguistics lab of Harald Baayen and as a teaching assistant for various courses within the Cognitive Science and the Computer Science bachelor programmes at the university of Tübingen. During my time at the Quantitative Linguistics lab, I mainly worked as a software developer and maintainer on the python package pyndl which is freely available on Github.

In my free time, I am a passionate hiker, cycler, climber and runner.