Updating my blog design

1 minute read


After three years, I finally updated the design of my blog. When I wrote the Minimalist jekyll theme in 2017, I was interested in all the functionality static website generators provide and was obviously curious to try it out myself. Now, three years later, Minimalist is my most starred and forked repository on Github, but nevertheless I decided its time for something new.

Therefore, I forked the famous academicpages repository from Github and adapted it to my needs. Most importantly, I wanted to add space for my “a book, a week” challenge, I did last year and which I aim to follow up again soon. During the time of the challenge, I tried to read on book each week, which after some weeks resulted in a lack of inspiration. Other bloggers who did a similar challenge were therefore good sources of new book ideas. For that reason, I want to present my reading list as well as some of you might be interested in doing similar things and, on the other hand, I truly believe that what a person reads already tells you a lot about someone.