My blog goes online!

1 minute read


Finally, my own blog goes online after spending lots of time on developing the design. Besides this blog I am happy to contribute to the open source movement with my first jekyll theme Minimalist. Although it may still have some bugs I am happy that it is now insofar finished as it can now be used as a full functional personal blog.

Nevertheless, developing software is a continuous task. So if you find any bugs in my blog or in the Minimalist theme itself. Please submit an issue at the repository on Github. I will try to fix it!

But back to my blog: A lot of people asked me why I want to start my own blog in times of Twitter and Facebook. It is simple! For me the Internet should be free and not be controlled by companies such as Twitter or Facebook. Although, my blog is currently hosted on Github I am free to host it anywhere I want. And this is a major difference to company based blogging on Facebook or Twitter where you get regulated by their terms of service. Using a blog you are free to host in on Github or to rent or to run your own server.